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Review of The Social Experiement

Addison Moore
The Social Experiement

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 The Social Experiment


Two Strangers. Six Weeks.

*A romantic comedy from the New York Times bestselling author Addison Moore*
Rowen Garret is a jackass of the highest order. I knew signing up for some experimental dating experience would not pan out to be a good thing, but after kissing a stranger in the dark for five solid savory minutes only to have the lights come on and expose him for the jerk he is, I have the sudden urge to strangle my new roommate who talked me into this nightmare.

Sophie Meyer is a handful. I should know, I hung out in her living room for so long I became a fixture. But that was when her older brother, Braden, and I actually got along, before he snatched my long time girlfriend out from underneath me and stopped speaking to me as if I were the one who hijacked his life. And now here I am with his feisty little sister in my arms, her face lit up in horror at the thought of what we’ve just done. I would never kiss Sophie Meyer under normal circumstances, never even entertain the thought. Nope, this was a bad idea through and through. This is one social experiment I never want to think about again. But one thing is for sure. I will never forget that kiss.

Two strangers, six weeks, the social experiment says the odds are in their favor, Rowen and Sophie says they aren’t.

From the NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author, Addison Moore— Cosmopolitan Magazine calls Addison's books, "...easy, frothy fun!"


The more I read Addison's work the more I'm in love with the characters. They wrap an invisible cloak around your heart keeping you close to them long after the words bleed off the page.

It's light, fun, exotic, at heartfelt, yet full of spunk. It hilariously funny yet so real it makes you feel you're apart of the story -Nook Books and More Blog.

Wow what a crazy ride this story is! Braelyn and Paisley grew up in the foster care system and they left it together. They embark on different endevers in order to find their own way. The twist and turns leaves you wondering and plotting through the entire story. It involves a cat and mouse game between several characters that definitely keeps you on your toes. lol Wow, Ms. Moore you rocked my world with this cliffhanger!

The main characters of this book are hilariously funny, witty, and charming. The cluster of friends have a unique bond and explain the average lives and experience people endure. The story brings a true life experience out of it along with a love that's desirable in any eye.
The writing is flawless... in typical Addison Moore fashion it flows beautifully and has that perfect balance of inner thoughts and character conversation. The characters each have their own voice and the world build is amazing.

I would highly recommend this series and really any book that this author has ever written . She pulls her heart in soul into her writing. She's impeccable in her writing skills let me tell ya! It's refreshing when you're pushed for time.

I freaking loved this book! Five stars baby!!

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