Thursday, April 20, 2017

My review of Tangled Web by Gena D. Lutz

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Tangled Web
(Venin Assassin Book 2)
Gena D Lutz


Night Queen... Black Widow… Hellhound. These are the titles I never wanted, yet, now they're mine.

With just a stab of a dagger, I have become the next reigning queen of a pack of ancient hellhounds: the Fang and Claw. And with each infuriating encounter, my yearning to accept their bond grows.

2nd installment in a brand new Urban Fantasy series.


Once again in Gena D Lutz books. I'm pulled in by her lure of action and twist.

A Phenomenal read that pulls at your very core. I could not wait to start this book because Tangled Web was an unusual different twist to the paranormal world. The author gives such a freshness to it that you dint get bored with the sane read after time as avid readers do. This second book would not disappoint!

Tangled Web lures you in, intrigues you, turns your world upside down. Just when you think you have it figured out it changes on you. I was so happy to see a deeper glimpse within a different beings in the paranormal world. It's a definite twist when you get Spiders, Scorpions lets not forget hot Were's and more! It's forbidding, dangerous, yet desirable and luscious. I especially love the hell hounds. These characters are all so different and Enticing. It gets darker and wilder so prepare for a ride!

Cassie shows you a glimpse into her bad ass self but draws you into her web of people as she does in the last book. She embarks on an adventure that that will be sure not to disappoint! Now the Night Queen (after killing Sterling in the first book, Sweet Venom) and has enhanced powers. You get a revaluation on things she can do and has. It's epic! A must read!!! You get introduced into yet more species of the paranormal world which intrigues you to your core even more! Sexy hotness this book bleeds into your heart!

The writer flows with her words effortlessly off the pages and is so in depth with characters that you are pulled in and on edge the entire time!

The author leaves you with with a mark on your heart making you scramble to grab the next book. It's words flow effortlessly off the page as does any if Gena's books. They'll keep you up for hours soaking in every word like a sponge. Be prepared for a huge book hangover. Way to go Gena! That was one hell of a ride when am I gonna read the next!

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  1. Fantastic review and I just love this new series by Gena!