Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sharing is Caring Sale and HUGH Giveaway

Daearen Realms Series

Boxed Set Countdown Sale and Giveaway!

Starts 10-17th Only!

Boxed set is on sale for ONLY $.99 one weekend ONLY!!!!

Price goes up to $1.99 on Monday and $2.99 on Wednesday!

Wait! That's not all!!! In honor of the sale we are offering a huge giveaway in honor of sharing is caring.

Details below! Even Bloggers that share can enter!

Two contests to win sweet prizes!!!

First Contest: Sharing is caring! Starts Friday, March 10th - Friday, March 17th

Emmy Gatrell has posted a ton of stuff to share in her Emmy's Bad Ass Entourage (B.A.E) group ( for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For every share/comment on any post you will get an entry for an Amazonite necklace & bracelet as well as a $10 Amazon GC!

Disclaimer: Unlike the Amazonite from the books, teleportation to another realm of existence with your soulmate is unfortunately not included!

Second Contest: Reviews! Open now, closes April 10th!

Below are some teasers to share with the sale!


Other sites

Facebook Personal pageDon't forget her new page for her seriesNathanial Lupinski's BitchesFrom her new series Fate is a Mated Bitch. A erotic steam PNRplease come join fan group where you enter the giveaways above!Emmy's Bad Ass Entourage (BAE)Daearen Realms Series book page belowBook Page                                                                             Goodreads

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