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Review of Timess Whisper a Timeless Hearts SerieS by Sandra E. Sinclair

 Timeless Whisper

Timeless Whisper(Timeless Hearts Series Book 1)
Sandra E. Sinclair


Tainted by scandal, Raven Eyez leaves New York to return to her mother’s hometown of Heartsbridge, Texas, penniless with her reputation and career in tatters. If that wasn’t bad enough, she reads in a celebrity magazine her childhood sweetheart, who broke her heart five years ago, is getting married.

The stress is unbearable, and when she starts hearing voices whispering for her to right a wrong she has no recollection of making, she’s sure she is going mad. Things go from weird to completely unbelievable when an innocent trip to a diner leaves her stranded in Heartsbridge in the year 1880.

Lance Thornton suspects his neighbors helped his fiancee leave him at the altar, so he’s determined to ruin them. On his way to the bank to insist they foreclose on them for a loan he made, he bumps into Raven, mistaking her for his runaway bride, Charlotte. He decides he’s not letting her get away this time, and refuses to listen to any of her claims that she isn’t who he thinks she is, and that she is from the future.

He’s going to make this woman pay for embarrassing him in front of the entire town. Can Raven convince Lance he's seeking revenge on the wrong woman?


It's fun, romantic, yet full of excitement and adventure. It beautiful yet so real you feel like you're back in time -Nook Books and More Blog.

Time travel with a twist of romance gives you a wonderful enduring story. It gives you that rustic feel yet a taste of yesterday and freshness that you crave. You are automatically drawn into the story as you get familiar with the characters. The authors pulses in a twist of each characters into a unique romance you'll be sure to dream about. You get to know each character and understand there passion as it unfolds.

The plot is full of mystery and suspense, as the story unfolds as it's thrown in a desire and determination. This storyline is full of intrigue and details that bring you back in time.

What a charming story of going back in time.

Mistaken identity of two people that meet in another time and another century.

Could this possibly lead to true love? Raven is suddenly transported 200 yrs in the past. Lance thinks she is his runaway bride. She thinks he's the man she's been pining for for 5 years. He's determined to make her pay for breaking his heart, she's determined to help him heal.

The drama pulls you in and the laughs keep you glued. It's an enduring love story that sings to your heart.

The words flowed nicely and kept you intrigued throughout the story. This enchantment of a story make you crave to go back an enjoy a love the "old school" way. I'd read anything Ms. Sinclair writes as the story is romantic and full of intrigue. Definitely a read you'll want to check out!


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  1. Loved this story and can't get enough of the series!