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Review of Ghost in the Pages by Angela M. Hudson

Angela M. Hudson
Ghost in the Pages

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 Ghost in the Pages

From the author of Dark Secrets and Red: The Untold Story comes this standalone romantic suspense.


From the author of Dark Secrets and Red: The Untold Story comes this standalone romantic suspense.

Ghosts aren’t real. But sometimes they’re the only logical explanation.

When failed writer Alice Beaumont visits a small town to reconnect with her muse, she uncovers a decades-old mystery that will inspire her next novel. But there are hidden dangers in dredging up the past, and the old ghost in the story has unfinished business that could cost Alice her life.


It's incredibly adventurous yet enduring. It's impeccable writing skills down to it's core!  It's fun, romantic, yet full of spunk. Leaves you on the edge and brings you back at a snap! - Nook Books and More Blog

But, all in all its a wonderful read and will definitely keep you on your toes!

At every chilling turn your mind goes into overdrive with pure suspense and horror for this main character. Will she ever get her life back? You have to read! There are so many characters that are not as they seem. Who can you trust? Who do you hate? Who do you love? This is a much different read then the author usually writes and the age of the main character is more mature. That doesn't take away from the story though. I think this one is one of my favorites along with her Best Selling Dark Secrets this one is truly phenominal. I am so into Suspenseful reads!

The writer flows with her words effortlessly off the pages and is so in depth with characters that you are pulled in and on edge the entire time! The writer is vividly graphic in her details that you can feel and almost smell things because the explainations are such detail that gives you a clear crips picture in your mind as if you are their.  It's refreshing to find that kind of read for sure.

The plot and twist just seem to come from no where with turns you'd never suspect. You will not be disappointed at all! If you like the intrigue of different and unreliability the author throws you then you'll love this. Often so many books seem to become and you can actually figure out what's going to happen. This is a problem with avid readers over time and you get sort of in a reading rut. This book gives you that freshness you need. Way to go Angela M. Hudson!


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