Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Review of Dracones: Revelations by Sheri-Lynn Marean

 Dracones 2

Sheri-Lynn Marean
Dracones: Revelations
Book 2


At the young age of only seven, the Ilyium swept through Samarias’s village in a brutal massacre. Sami, his brother, his best friend, and her father fled their world for Earth, making a new home in Washington State. At nine, Sami’s father arrived and yanked his boys away from the security of their new home. At ten, they returned—broken, and silent.
Now at twenty-one, Sami continues to hide the secrets of the past, pretending everything is fine. But it’s all a lie. With his dragon powers awakening, Sami longs for freedom from the pain and guilt, along with a soul mate of his own.
When Sami recently infiltrated an enemy compound and witnessed the Ilyium send a woman to a fiery death, it hit him hard, but he can no longer pretend anymore. Everything is not as it seems. After learning the woman is alive, and somehow connected to Sami, his world is turned upside down. Confused, angry, and with his emotions unraveling, Sami loses control. When he is called on to fly to Calgary to rescue someone else in trouble, strange things happen, and now he comes face to face with the demons of his past. Sami has some brutal decisions to make, possibly sacrificing what he desires most in order to do the right thing.
Dracones Revelations is the second book in the Dracones series for readers age 17+. If you are a fan of dark, steamy paranormal romance, get Sami’s story today and be swept into the world of Dragons, Phoenix Shifters, Night and Daywalkers, Magic, sensual heat and the revelations of Sami’s past.


It's incredibly adventurous yet enduring. It's impeccable writing skills down to it's core! It's a suspenseful paranormal at it's finest!- Nook Books and More Blog

This paranormal romance has fast action with amazing creatures for that added hotness you so desire. It was yet another awesome read that picks off where the last book ended given you that same awesome feel only added twist and turns!

I was blown away by Sheri-Lynn's book, “Dracones Revelations”! It was r action packed, with twist and turns that grabbed me from the start and didn’t land lingered in my very core! There were new levels on an exciting ride full of adventures that pulled you in! This new storyline that has well-defined characters & witty dialogue, and very detailed with descriptions that made you feel like you were a part of the storyline.

If you are a fan of sci-fi and paranormal and magic, vamps & shifters like dragons, big cats and werewolves, then this is your book! It's not the average dragon book. Thats what I love about it so much the species of all kinds seem to either mingle or battle with in the pages. You will never get bored!

Book 2 focuses on Sami struggling with his inner demons past and present. Will he be able to overcome such obstacles such as his past and be who he is destined to be? Or will he be stuck in the past forever? You have to read to find out!

The flow is impeccable and reads smoothly, transitioning one scene to another with no flaws. The author takes each characters POV which gives you a better understanding of the overall picture.. You're able to follow along with all of it well. That's a hard challenge with new authors. Kudos to you Sheri.

I really enjoyed this story and am excited for the next book to come. I'm antique to see how the authors skills will progress with this being her first novel, she has true talent. I would recommend anything she writes. Well done

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