Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A review of A-Day by Nadine Nightingale

Nadine Nightingale


New York—October 1st, 2078. Seventeen-year-old Eve Atwood had always been the good girl. She’d never questioned the Post-Apocalyptic Laws of the United States of America and for as long as she could think, she trusted President Pierce. But that was before she knew that he’d become the villain in the story of her life. Now Eve’s best friend, Theresa Hamilton, is going to be executed during the A-Day celebrations and she knows damn well that it’s her fault. There’s nothing that she wouldn’t do to save her friend, even if that means joining the Godivas, a terror organization that fights for equal rights for women. Little did Eve know that, sometimes, when you fight monsters you risk becoming one. Post-Apocalyptic Laws of the United States of America: “All legislative powers herein shall be vested in the President of the United States of America. He shall never be questioned for he is the alpha and the omega, our rightful leader.” “Women shall never speak in public, unless a superior being (man) grants permission. Any violation of this law must be reported to the CIWB (Controlling Instance For Women’s Behavior).” “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman at the age of eighteen must be married to a man of her father’s choice. Women that can’t be placed in a marriage, due to flaws of appearance or character, shall serve the superior community in one of the pleasure facilities of the State.



A-Day is a enduring tale that pulls you in. It's a much different story out there then the average read but the characters draw you in as they evolve. It's a book that you can't get enough of ~ Nook Books and More Blog

It's a story of a that delivers a much different concept on life and the trials you face. Eve has some tough decisions but it makes her character that much richer in depth and maturity.

The characters evolve into their own and have such total different freshness about them. Eve faces things one person can not always endure. Her character is sweet and charming. You fall in love with her instantly. the other characters pull you in as they start to evolve. She faces an issue that if she thinks out of the box to save her friend then she's in jeopardy. Will she stay in her place as women are thought to during this time? Or will she become the strong person even though her life is at stake? Well you have to read the story.

The flow of the book was effortlessly written. The authors details are awesome and gives you depth and much perception into the minds of her characters. The writing is smooth and flowed off the page with ease. It left you with a sense of more dying to know what's going to happen next. I can't wait!

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