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A review of Under His Protection (The White Rose Trilogy Book 1)By Stacy Von Heagert

 Under his Protection

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Under His Protection 
(The White Rose Trilogy Book 1)
Stacy Von Heagert


What really happened to the two young princes of York, who were held prisoner in the tower of London by their ambitious uncle following the death of their father, King Edward of York? Some think one son escaped and was later executed by King Henry VII when he returned to claim his rightful throne. But not before he sired a child. In, Under His Protection, the first in a new trilogy, Stacy Von Haegert artfully combines history, action, humor, and sizzling passion to provide a theory for one of England's greatest mysteries. The bloodline continues...

LONDON 1838, Present day...Title-hungry matrons of the upper class throw their daughters in Alexander's path. But the Duke of Ravenswood has no desire to give up his rakish, gaming lifestyle to get hitched. When the Kingston family from New Orleans enters London, however, Alex quickly finds himself unwittingly entangled. With her spirited personality and innocent aversion to all things proper. Greyland Kingston completely knocks him off his game.

The gossip fans flutter when Queen Victoria asks Greyland and her eldest brother, Perkin, to dance the scandalous Viennese Waltz at the Royal ball. Who is this family? How do they know the Queen? Why do they bear such a strong resemblence to the late King of York? Trouble ensues in the form of jealous women, ambitious men, and a vengeful Irish clan. Alexander quickly finds that having Greyland for his own will come at a steep price. He must risk everything to keep her protected.


Stacy Von Haegert's takes a new freshness on a historical fiction and makes into a storyline that will intrigue any book reader! I don't read a lot of romance unless there's an intrigues that pulls me in. I must admit the story does grab you from the first page and leaves you wanting more. Their is suspense, intrigue,adventure, and romance at every turn!

As Alexander the Duke of Ravenswood arrives in London in 1838 he quickly finds himself lost in the vortex that is Greyland Kingston "Grey" is so bewitching. The first time Alexander catches a glimpse of her. He realizes what he what he wants and sets his mind to it. He is so taken aback by her, in fact, you see a difference about her that women in that era do not show. He is drawn to her in so many ways. He knows from the start that his destiny is going to be forever intertwined with that of Greyland Kingston and that sentiment will definitely be put to the test.

This romance has more then just hot and steamy scenes, it has a storyline that draws you in and intrigues you till the end. You're craving more at each turn of the page. The characters are easy to relate to better then the average historical romance. Their is a sense of humor about them that makes it more believably realistic then most books like this. The flow of writing style is impeccable and easy to follow.

It's Frothy, beautifully written, smooth flow yet suspenseful. I must admit, it is extremely well written, and Stacy Von Haegert will definitely have my attention, regardless of the genre she pursues. - Nook Books and More Blog

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  1. This is a wonderful review! I am so very glad you liked it! Yay! Happy author!
    Stacy Von haegert