Thursday, May 19, 2016

Review of The Scribbler BK 2 Seven Sons of Zion Lucian Bane

The Scribbler

BK 2
Seven Sons of Zion
Lucian Bane

One Click

The Scribbler 2


Jeremiah Poe, 8th Ark of Octava, has accomplished his mission and returned the 7 Sound Arks safely home. But upon arriving back on Octava, Poe discovers an unexpected shock--his Earthly Scribbler has written herself into his fictional realm. Poe's new mission is to keep her alive and out of the clutches of the Paranormal Guardian, while seeking to find what is destroying the realms.


The Scribbler is a unique read dwelling into the world of Octava, a world that will have you intrigued from beginning to end. It plunges right into where it left off of the last book. This one was tough to write I'm not sure why but, maybe because it seems to tap into multiple genres or the uniqueness of the story. I'm definitely intrigued to try another book by Lucian Bane.

Poe is a unique character and accomplishes what he set out for. There's twist and turns that makes the suspense implacably interesting. There are new characters interdicted that gives it another edge. The plot thickens and weaves it's way into your mind with connections of each character and how they're lives play a role. You're able to follow along with the descriptive so of each character as the author explains just a touch to give you an over all picture.

As you witness this unique blend of tales unfold, you begin to see the uniqueness of this story. It's humorous yet intriguing to its core. It's humorous yet suspenseful and inviting. There's little teasers through out that leaves clues and makes you pause in thought wondering way after you've turned your kindle off for the night. The craziness leaves you in wonder for sure.

The author writing flowed effortlessly off the page. You could imagine yourself with in the story. That's no easy task for such an avid reader. The mundaneness of stories become the same 'MO' and you began to get bored but with Lucian's story this is so not the case. It seeps into ever fiber of your being. I would definitely recommend this book and series to anyone

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