Thursday, May 19, 2016

Review of The Scribbler BK 1 Arks of Octava by Lucian Bane

The Scribbler BK 1
Arks of Octava
Lucian Bane

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 The Scribbler


Jeremiah Poe isn’t just any character in the Realm of Fiction.; he is The Muse Rider, written with special powers. Able to tap into the minds of other Scribblers, Poe can change the outcome of people's lives on Octava.

But when Poe learns that ancient codes are being broken in his realm and that his Scribbler may be in danger, he reverses the 8-fold way and goes to Earth to find him.

But when he arrives, he's astonished to learn that his Scribbler knows nothing of his actual existence, or his entire fictional world, Octava. To further complicate his confoundment, he learns that his Scribbler is not a he, but a she.

As they team up to find what's destroying their realms, Poe's powers on Earth grow stronger. But it's his growing feelings for his Scribbler that become the greatest threat of all. With his character being designed to never fall in love, he can't exist in either realm. And his Scribbler is forced to pen the impossible into his world.


The storyline is beautifully written. Lucian is impeccably talented in details and keeps interested through the out the store. Nook Books and More Blog

The main character Poe isn't from Earth but from Octava, realm of fictional characters.
There is a mystery about him that leaves you wondering through out the book. He is very intriguing, yet funny.  The characters had a uniqueness about them that drew you in and leaves you wanting more.

The flow of the story is smooth. You where able to follow along with every word on the page. It flowed effortlessly. I also enjoyed the different POV's from the other characters, it added another layer to read which allows you to see other stand points. To me I love that.

The characters in the story fascinated me because it explained how each other embarked on their own endeavor yet touched each other's life. I was truly intrigued. There is a sense of hotness to the read that makes you crave it more.

It's my first read by Lucian Bane because there are so many authors that write erotica without a story and that's all it is but his reads have a juice plot that thickens and make you sit at the edge of your seat begging for more. I will definitely read the next!

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