Thursday, May 19, 2016

Review of Listen:Just a Once By AR Von

Listen: Just a Once
By AR Von

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 Listen Just Once


This is a story of a young girl who experiences things no child should ever experience. Lizzie tries and tries to get the attention of her mother to get it to stop, to get her to help. She is also left with the duty of protecting her sister, Rose from the monster. A man who makes both girls shiver when he comes to babysit them. If only the one person who SHOULD be there to listen, WOULD just be there for them. If only her mother would listen, just once…


This book was based on a true story that will rock anyone's world especially a child. The subject matter difficult to digest and at times hard to receive but well written. I experienced a lot of things in my life that I hate so some of this touched me on a deeper level. The HEA gave me peace.

In the book It deals with alcoholism, sexual abuse, and neglect. The story is so vivid and the characters are well developed. It made you feel such compassion for this child. It's sad that things like this really happen but necessary that their is a voice among people that reach out and tells this heart wrenching story.

This author took a horrible story and brought it to life. The writing is impeccable. The descriptions are dead on. The flow of the book was outstanding. Great read! It will keep you on edge for sure.


  1. Thank you so much for giving my writing a chance and for such a well thought out and well written review!


    1. You've got talent! It was a beautiful book!

    2. Thank you again *blushes*

  2. A wonderfully written book about a tragic event. The author has written this book to show what terrible things can and are happening all around us. Get it now, free across all sites.

  3. A beautifully written oh so real book.

  4. Awe. Thank you so much! Anytime! You've got talent!

  5. Wonderful review! Very well done. And of course, A.R. Von is a beautiful writer! :)

  6. Great Review, sharing this! Thank you