Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Review of Dorians Destiny Altered by Amanda Long

Dorians Destiny

Amanda Long



Dorian dedicated his life to God; however, one brutal evening forever altered his chosen path. Confused and angry, he eventually turns his back on his faith. Forced to leave behind everything he’s ever known, Dorian struggles alone. After he abandons all hope of a proper existence, a charming stranger arrives offering answers and guidance down a much darker path. As he begins to come to terms with his fate, a young woman promises hope. Will he accept his new dark destiny or will love alter his path yet again?


This is an exceptional enduring vampire story. Superlative writing and character development - Nook Books and More Blogs

Dorian is a dedicated man of God. Destined to follow in his Adopted Earthly father. Things turn for a different twist causing Dorians life to turn upside down. He battles a journey learning his new path. Is that the path he's destined for? You'll have to read the book. Their is a glimmer of hope when he meets a young women that rocks his world.

Dorian is a vampire that is not worldly. His character is not that of a dark predictor. He's still pure at heart. Will his dark nature prevail? He is a vampire after all.

Thomas is a vampire to his true nature. He befriends Dorian and takes him under his wing. What's his motive? I'm intrigued to find out his story next. He's dark and forbidding and deviously sinful, yet scary as hell.

Meagan is a Nurse that's compassionate and caring through and through. She comes into Dorians life and they collide to a destiny that's unknown at the moment. Her heart is pure. How can they be together?

Josie is a best friend that's a true nurturer. Her spirit is truly dedicated and how friends should be in life.

Together these characters develop into a wonderful story of beauty and they embark in battles of their own in life. The love story is exceptional sweet yet a hint innocence. It's moving and wonderfully strange story rolled in to one.

The characters battle to find themselves and few are struggling at times to stay on the path that God has set for them. I can't wait to see what's next!

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 Dorian's Destiny

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