Friday, March 18, 2016

MY Review of Hunted: A MARCHWOOD VAMPIRE SERIES BK 3 by Shalini Boland





A spellbinding vampire adventure that spans the centuries from modern-day England to the wilds of ancient Scythia. Be swept away in this heart-pounding tale of ancient legends, star-crossed love and nail-biting supernatural adventure.

Maddy and Alex are running scared. The Cappadocian vampires are closing in. But Alex is so busy worrying about the vampires, he can’t see the terrible threat right under his nose… Something else is hunting Alexandre. Something ancient and powerful.

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Matchwood Vampires. I started these series years ago. Book 3 pulls you in and returns you into the war in ancient Scythia. You begin to see the over all picture of the past and it describes a vivid picture which to me is an asset compared to what you would experience in most books today.

You see the trials and fights of family and what it truly means. The backdrop of the story is explained in detail and it sheds light on it all. That gives you multiple POV so you can begin to see the entire story as it unfolds.

You'll experience lots of emotions in this book. Happiness, sadness, and much more. I was sadden to know it's the final installment but, it's ending is truly written well it doesn't leave you longing. I could see how this series could go on though with spinoff show. Hint hint lol.

The words flowed well within the pages and was easy to understand especially in adventure scenes where some authors tend to lose a reader. Ms, Boland didn't do that. She kept you intrigued and on the edge of her words

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  1. Thank you so much for the awesome review! I'm really happy you enjoyed the series!!! :)