Saturday, October 3, 2015

Alisha Basson 


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Seth McPhee is a vampire with no memories of his past and the angels mean to keep it that way.As the most important tool in their arsenal against evil, Gabriel and Michael must convince Seth to fight for their cause, but Seth has never been one to follow the rules.
Forced to team up with a beautiful stranger, Seth and his new partner are charged with battling demons in the heart of Sin City. With so many souls on the line, will Seth prove to be the man the angels believe him to be?


Seth is a spinoff of The Grace Allen series. I most definitely should've read that first because this book is phenomenal! I didn't waste anytime picking up the other books to read! Seth is a a very strong vampire and the perfect guy. He bleeds Sexy as hell but, there one problem he can't remember his past.

Ryan us a girl that is unsure of her self but strong willed girl with a bite that you just love from the start. She's all alone in life or so she thinks. She is drawn to this force she can't explain it but, it changes her life forever.

Then the Angels are in the picture which gives it a sense of freshness and quirkiness this story needs. They bleed sexy, funny, strong, and masculine that sets your heart on fire! Together they all embark on an adventure and bond in relationships you'd never expect. During this journey they each learn themselves and make a difference in there new adventures.

The cliffhanger is killing me!!! Lol. This story sucks you in and keeps you on the edge the entire time. Your heart is begging for more and can't seem to put it down. I found myself scrambling to get every book I could from this author because this author is one of my new favorites! It opens a new world to me and I have to have more Seth!!!

The author has such talent on how she draws you in with suspense and adventure with a kick ass feel to it that makes you love it in its raw form. She truly has much talent in that perspective. I would most definitely read anything she writes. The Thoughts she bleeds into the pages seeping into your heart and lingering in your dreams. In my opinion if you dream about it and think about it, its one hell of a book!

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