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My review of Dutch by Madhuri Blaylock


Madhuri Blaylock


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Arrogant, handsome, and detached, deadly assassin Dutch Mathew has an insatiable appetite for bourbon, cigarettes, and women. A Keeper for The Gate, the shadowy organization designed to control Death and her Poochas, those reclaimers helping the dead cross back to life, he has three simple rules for anyone sharing his bed: no talking, no kissing, no touching.

Juma Landry is all about talking and kissing and touching. The more talking and kissing and touching, the better.

And as one of Death's Poochas, the best in fact, she is Dutch's next assignment. He is tasked with ending each and every one of her nine lives but with her sharp banter, beautiful smile, and hips made for all kinds of wickedness, she isn't going to make that easy.

Set in New York City and Trivandrum, DUTCH, book one in The Keeper Series, is a unique and sexy urban fairytale - a must read for anyone who likes their raunch with a twist of romance and a hint of magic. Watch for it to hit shelves this Fall 2015.


Dutch is an action packed adventure that puts you on a roller coaster from the star! It's a dark urban fantasy romance that's very intense with hot sexy scenes that leave you breathless.

The dark twisted characters give it an edge that leaves you on the edge of your seat.

The sex scenes are hot an steamy. There is definite pain and regret in Dutch's life as you read these moments in his life. His job as a keeper doesn't make it an easier to deal with. At first I didn't like his character but as you see the pain and regret in his life you begin to see that he is just dealing or existing.

Dutch in the beginning has shut the entire world from his heart. He is cold and has a wall around him completely. But sex he dies crave all the time lol. I think only Juma can prick away at that wall he has created and bring it down. There is fire when they are together that leaves the reader craving for ever ounce they can get.

Madhuri has writing her first in the smut world and nailed it to the wall she was bold in her writing and almost dared you to read more. She again astounds the world with another genre that she has down pat! Great job Madhuri!

Pooch as and Juma are both in charge with sending the formally dead back to the world of the living. It's a business with darkness, violence with twist and turns that will intrigue you. Madhuri has once again amazed me at her writing skills. She a true writer.

Juma is a character I think amazes me. She is her own person and she's not who people want her to be by no means. She seems to bring out things in Dutch that no one else can.






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