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Review of Bound 1 & 2 by A.M. Hudson

Bound 1

A.M. Hudson

Elora can speak to the dead, but belongs better with the undead.

Born of immortal blood, her curse not set to trigger until around her twenty-fifth year, she was sent away to remain unaware of and hidden from the world of magic. And from vampires. But after Elora befriends the cocky, self-loving Ric Mason, she discovers secrets about him and his distant link to her family that reshape her entire world.

A dark, sexy, two-book series that will have you screaming for more...

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 Bound 1


Omg! This book blew me away! AM Hudson has managed to do it again! This book is a change to the Spin off, Dark Secrets Series. It present a more quirky, light, and fun atmosphere while still giving us an on the edge kind of read. It is very well written that manages to suck you into the story from the start.

The characters are fun loving carefree people that truly care about their friendships as they blossom. Lora is a fun loving girl that manages to still all the characters hearts as well as your own. She's a quirky girl that loves life and having a great time. She notices this boy that drives her crazy and then starts to see into his heart. She's clearly a part of her Mom and Dad(David and Ara). This book has so much details and starts a fresh beginning that you don't need to read the other series first. I am such a huge fan that I just HAVE to read all her books.

Then their is Ric a rambling soul on the road for fun and girls. Lora really sees into his soul for who he really is a beautiful soul. He also sees into hers and is drawn to her beyond what he understands. The time they spend together sets you into a light hearted mood and makes you literally at times laugh you head off!

Bound sent me through a roller coaster of emotions. I laughed through a good bit of the book but, at times I seen twist and turns that I didn't see coming causing me to hang onto to the edge of my seat. This series so far though is a more light read making it kind of refreshing. She managed to through one punch of a cliffhanger! She's talented at that though as usual. Lol. That moment I was sad and anxious wanting to know what's next! You're killing me AM Hudson! Lol.

AM Hudson takes you on a supernatural highway embarking on adventure and twist that are very different then other paranormal books. That's why it's so intriguing. Their is so much suspense and turns that you are always intrigued and never bored! I've read so many books that often you know that it's the scenario that will happen because the way the book is laid out. You can't possible tell in this book or any of her series what will happen next and I freaking LOVE IT! Way to go AM Hudson! I received this ARC for an honest review.

Bound 2

New world. New powers. Old enemies.

Elora enters the dark world of secrets from her parents’ past, and in the midst of discovering her new abilities and learning how to use them, she will be forced to fight battles she’s unprepared for in a war that supposedly ended twenty-two years ago.

Old enemies forge new friendships, leaving Elora lost and unsure who to trust, until a cocky vampire walks back into her life with a gift and a clue that will set the end of everything in motion.

The final chapter in the two-book Dark Secrets spin-off series, BOUND.

 Bound 2


AM Hudson again out does her self! She brought a story that has put an impact in all our lives. I was frustrated at the beginning because I was so anxious for the love story to continue. The twist and turns only thickened as the plot pored out on the pages showing suspense, intrigue,lies,secrets,adventure and more. Elora left an old life to embark on a new one. Knowing this was the final installment left me sad but enjoyed how the book layer it out.

I laughed,cried, and yelled at times because this book gives you emotions that otherwise aren't pulled out in most books. The character manages to approach things with a positive outlook even though her experiences have this entire series touched my heart. AM Hudson has a way of bringing out a total different aspect of things and it's awesome. Her worlds are very fluent so much that it flows through your mind bleeding into your soul.

Elora is smart and witty and seems to catch on at a level way faster then her mother. She again becomes the badass in the story following the footsteps of her mother. Will she ever find her parents? Who can she trust in this new world? Will Ric come to her? Elora has made many changes and is stealing the hearts of most in the immoral world.

Ric is still his handsome self with a hint of something new, Elora. He leaves a New World to come to the Old in search for Elora. He brings many things that's precious to her and creates change. Is she ready for that? She is a Knight after all. This world has shown her many new things that are an adventure and wonders of a lifetime. She has also experienced something that no one ever wants to endure, loss.

Sometimes when you lose all you search for healing finding your purpose. The one thing I noticed that Elora was missing in the beginning was purpose. She spent countless times healing the heart of the dead but, once she decided to bleed into her music, she realized that she could heal the living as well. That to me is destiny because she felt complete.

Never have I read before were the author has expressed through her characters such depth and understanding. Elora experienced loss, but the depths of understanding was expressed through such magnitude that a person could totally relate on such a powerful level. It made an impact on me because having experience a huge loss in my life, I was able to relate and understand Elora's character. The author doesn't just express the sadness but explains it so you know they understand loss. At the same time knowing it's their but understanding things more clearly because of it. Elora examined everything through a microscope and pulled at the layers creating a deeper yet richer understanding. She approach things using a positive aspect to get through it. This outlook gave this book a light and refreshing outlook. I liked it. The authors allows you to understand this on such a level that I've never experienced before in reading. It's phenomenal.

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