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The Kiss by Roshandra Simone

The Kiss By Roshandra Simone


Vampire Royalty of a FRANCE ~ A Bloodline Mansion Family. PARIS, 1700's this beautiful Immortal begins his story in THE KISS.

The reader is introduced to the story of this SAGA by way of the Novella Alleandrea, His Beloved and the second Novella, THE EPISTOLARY.

The EPISOLARY is an older form of literary book style that allows the reader to enter the MIND of the key character, the story and other characters voices. It is shared from the 'JOURNAL' excerpts of the Key character and four other major characters to this BOOK V.

"V" as he is known, is an Immortal Vampire that is of a Royal House or Mansion of France and this Bloodline carries within it this type of race that are BORN this way.

Where did these two rare Bloodlines of vampires originate from?

Atlantis is the back story for that setting. France is a key grid location for this cosmology to unfold within the four key bloodlines of vampire immortals. The Blue bloods that all have a legacy and investment here on Gaia Earth.

The Saga is HIS LOVE Story to his TWIN that is realizing her soul connection to this man and slowly coming to understand this Cosmic Love bringing them back together into this now lifetime.

THE KISS ~ It begins in the Past of the 1700's in Paris and moves in timelines to when they meet and then they part.  

THE MIST ~ It gathers time, complexity and truth about his own race of beings. The role vampires play into this time of Awakening.

THE REBORN ~ The planet is awakening into a new light form and this means that the darker areas of all shadows and lower dimensions are being impacted by this light coming in and from within Sophia Gaia herself. How? Through the LEY LINES of the LIGHT GRID that are meridians of energy and power that the dark elite control and the humanity here on the planet are victim to the hidden agenda. They are food, for the darker side of that agenda. The changes going on is part of how "V" has his own Path, His Mission and his LOVE for his time is coming.

 The Kiss by Roshandra Simone

Much needs to awaken, be set right and the scales of change BALANCED in a Cosmic Way.

He is not like other vampires; not all vampires are immortals and only a rare handful actually Become a SHINNING ONE.

"Vallen Le Toussaint" is his middle name and this came about in 1801 upon leaving France heading him to America to the Oregon region.

This begins in Paris, 1700's with his Uncle's Swan Ball for the social season of the Gentry. This is a Love Story of those BORN with a Blood that carries a secret. It is about TWIN Loves and those that are part of something from the past of Atlantis.

What is KINDLED or Awakened in VALLEN is not only his soul, and yes vampires have a soul, is that his Heart is beating again through the pain of this loss.

Follow this SAGA as it takes his LIFE Journals that he shares and his narratives for the reader to look into his world and the transformation of this family and elite bloodline.

There are FOUR Bloodlines now in this Current time that is in BOOK VI showing how the back stories hold the dark into light history. How the changes involve royals and hidden bloodline carriers of the Merovingian and Carolingian DNA.

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This is a classic story of love of an immortal. Everything changes with in a kiss. One night, one love, one kiss made decisions. It's most definitely a refreshing story that is set in an Old English style. The love between the surpasses all time. You begin to see that it stands out and is something different about this love. Edear's character flows with compassion an emotions that are beyond that of no other after all he is a vampire. His thoughts, feelings exudes beyond the average vampire that he recognizes so why shouldn't he have a heart. Will their love survive that one kiss? Will she survive? I can't give that away but, not only is their love different , their is something different about Alleandra.

Alleandra character of one of beautiful and totally infatuated with Edear. She's kind and compassionate and very much wanting to please Edear. She is different then most humans and Edear is drawn to her like no other. Perhaps it's the birthmark? Who knows. The characters with in this story express themselves on a much deeper level then most novels. It's kind of refreshing to me indeed. The drive of each other are very enlightening to a reader as they embark on This love affair. They are a world of vampires with pure bloodlines that emerge you into their lives. Ms Simone has beautiful descriptive pictures in the book that really gives you a vision into their world. It's nice to accompany that into your imagination.

This book is about eternal love that is mystery and intrigue behind it. Edear will charm you and win you over from the start. Alleandrawill make you love her with every word. This is a magical love affair that's sweet. It's The Kiss!

 My life is all around this creativity of writing, teaching, healing, and opening up realms of light for those that are drawn to 'me' and my services along with this creative life i live.

 Amazon Author PageMy 'writing' came to me naturally. It just happens to 'FLOW" for me and the dreamy worlds I seem to 'see into'. I discovered in 2008, that a series of four books wrote themselves about a woman that her pathway of spirit opened up for her. Leaving a normal and very happy life for this adventure that drew her into other realms. I finished the books, sat back, and realized it was very much about myself. Writing it I did not realize that as often the 'writer and the story' weave from the author's own experience, imagination, dreams and wishes along with a message that felt it had to be expressed. I work a lot with VISUAL imagery and ART. This opens doors into other realms for myself to share to the reader the story or adventure i am taking them on with 'me'.

My writing is centered around Romance, Fiction, Supernatural, Spiritual, Fantasy and Mystery. I also have recently launched a series of GOTH Romance and a Novella that carried energy 'codes' for the reader. 


I am a energy healing, angelic visionary and interior designer working with REIKI and Design along with LEY LINE GRIDS.

My PASSION in my writing comes from my Creative FLOWS when i am in writing.
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I also have stories on fan fiction and was inspired by the Twilight books and films along with Books like the GOLDEN COMPASS and HARRY POTTER.

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