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My Review off The Sanctum Triology Book 1: The Girl by Madhuri Blaylock

             The Sanctum Triology book 1: The Girl

                                  Madhuri Blaylock


The Sanctum, an all-powerful governing body founded by ten families, entrusted to maintain the peace amongst Magicals and ensure the ignorance of humans, has been corrupted by greed and savagery for generations, but is all Wyatt Clayworth has ever known.

Dev, the hybrid demon prophesied to bring an end to The Sanctum and destroy the world for Magicals and humans alike, is not what Wyatt expected to find when sent out on his latest mission. Believed to be hunting a killing machine, Wyatt finds little more than a broken girl with haunted eyes and a bit of a death wish. Drawn to one another for reasons they cannot begin to explain to themselves, much less anyone else, Wyatt is determined to protect Dev and help her realize her mission to avenge the deaths of her family at the hands of The Sanctum.

Set against the backdrop of New York City, THE GIRL is described as "outstanding, original, complex, deep and intoxicating", a "well written, read" that begins as one girl's simple quest for revenge and evolves into a complicated tale of trust, friendship, honor and love.


This book called The Girl was phenomenal! Its a action packed adventure that throws every emotion to man at you! Its been a while since I felt so much in a book. Madhuri you realign made this a joy of a ride! I will definitely read anything that women rights. She just oozes kick ass in her writing.

I love Wyatt because he is so true to nature and self. He's definitely hot and one bad ass warrior! Ryker he is a true ladies man! Omg he is just oz zing fine! He is true to Wyatt though because they make an unstoppable team. They have a bond beyond that of a brother. Their in sync and that is a bond that's untouchable. Then their is Jools. Feisty girl that is a bad ass and though irritates Ryker, she's managed to pull him in! Then their is Dev the hybrid. She is one fine women that is a warrior through and through. Everybody just wishes they where the bad ass that Dev is. When Wyatt and Dev meet e, even though their enemies, you could feel the pull of their attraction and their undeniable want for each other. That starts this journey of adventure and burning desire. Darby is the vampire that has stolen the hearts of these two men. They have a bond that is strong and undeniable faithful. She's considered the Queen of New York and knows all. Everyone southern women would envy the sass on that women. I cant decide if I love her more or Dev. I think they are a force to be reckoned with that's for sure! All the different magicals and healers make an interesting turn of events within the story.

The Sanctum was put in force to protect and rule. Most follow it no matter the cost. These four and the families and ties entwined most definitely use there values to guide them. All the different types of magicals, vampires, and hybrids seem to be most loyal to the four main characters and their family. This book shows you the love that they have for each other and the huge family that is so dedicated.

This is one ride I'm in the long hall for! This one left me hanging so I'm onto the next one. I can't wait to see what is in store for me next!


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