Friday, January 30, 2015

My Escort by Kia Carrington Russell

                                             My Escort

                                                Kia Carrington Russell


Clover is personal assistant to Debra Coorman, the merciless boss of Candice fashion magazine. The bright lights of New York are dim for Clover, who is tormented by a work schedule like no other. Debra is relentless in her determination to demean Clover.

For once, Clover dares to play Debra’s games, and intends to prove her wrong at the next glittering event. With mixed emotions, Clover contacts a male escort, Damon. If his velvet voice over the phone is anything to go by, Clover knows her money will be well spent.

But when Damon appears at her door, something unexpected happens. The taunts and the games begin. Who is truly going to win at this game?

                                                           My Review

My Escort was a great Romance read. The characters really made you feel within there hearts as the words bleat off the page. The characters gave you a since of an airiness and appeal. Clover was likable from the start because of her bubbling attitude. Damon was a guy that charmed his way into your heart! Can we say Hot! I did find myself craving more of those hot scenes like experienced in the end. This is not an easy task with me especially with first person POV. Not many authors can pull that off but, Kia did it exceptionally well.

I did find myself at the end saying where's the rest! lol. I'm not the basic Romance fan but found myself intrigued from front to end. I'm so hoping there's another soon because this book was refreshing indeed. Through out the book it expresses Kia's personality which sort of let's you see into her heart. This is a book I will read the next one of. Oh but watch out for that Boss from hell she's got a bite. Yes it was a light romance romance that kept you with a smile.  That's kind of nice for a change.



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