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Celestra Forever After: The Dragon and the Rose by Addison Moore honest review

                             Celestra Forever After 2

                            The Dragon and the Rose

                                 By Addison Moore

Skyla Messenger’s world has forever changed after discovering a heart wrenching deception carried out by the one she trusts most.

Enemy lines have redefined themselves and Skyla finds herself, and the Nephilim people, in far more danger than ever before.

The one she loves seems lost forever.

His greatest sacrifice
will bring her greatest heartbreak…


The moment I picked up this book, I realized I was in for one hell of a ride! Wow oh Wow!!! Addison I didn't think I could be more intrigued then in the past but, boy was I wrong. This book will put you in a trance from the start, a Paragon trance. Be prepared though because you experience every emotion possible! I laughed, cried, and fussed to name only a few. I did find this book to be way more humorous then the others! I looked pretty lame laughing out loud so much!

 Skyla is more sure of her self then ever but, just as cocky. Gage changes before my eyes! He is more confident yet power seeking. Logan is the same that I'm thankful for. Then there's Dudely. Omg Marshall is never the same his demenure just keeps growing on you making you even dream of him even though I'm team Logan. The SEX!! Wow its often and might I say HOT!!!! Lol. Addison nailed it in this book. Its really hard for me to go on and on about this book because it left me in such a state of awe and without giving a details. What a freaking Cliffhanger I was never expecting that! It goes to show you Demetri's gifts are temporary.

What's next or should I say who's next? Lol For Skyla that is. I can say that Addison has a way of starting out with a painting that begins to bleed through your heart imprinting on your soul then becomes a song. She's truly amazing and one talented women. I'm so proud to know her and to be an Angel.

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