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Nook Books and More Blog: Nook Books and More Blog: Token Vampire Release: A...

Nook Books and More Blog: Nook Books and More Blog: Token Vampire Release: A...: Nook Books and More Blog: Token Vampire Release: A Token Huntress Series boo... : AWARD WINNING AUTHOR KIA CARRINGTON - RUSSELL TOKEN VA...








 Bound By Secrets

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The novel-length epilogue to A.M. Hudson's internationally bestselling Bound & Dark Secrets series.

The last words came up on the page, but they weren't done telling their story. Join Ara and David for one final and epic tale of love, loss, tragedy, and the roller coaster of emotions you have come to expect from this author.


If you want to know your future, look to your past....


*****Spoiler Alert*****

“Where are you going?” “To the cells. I need to kill Morgana.” “And I’m with you on that, one hundred percent, but you can't go yet.” He grabbed my arm as I reached for the door. “Why not?” “We might be the future monarchs of the Lilithian people, but while my brother and his wife reign, we must have their permission to see any prisoner in their cells.” “Then take me to Jason—” “Not Jason,” he said. “Lily.” “Why her?” “Because she is the only person with a key to Morgana’s cell.” I huffed, my fists clenching. Lily would stop me from seeing Morgana for the very reason I came here: to kill her. “Well, I don’t need a key,” I said, opening the door. “I know how to use my Cerulean Magic. I can shoot her through the damn iron bars if I have to.” David laughed, following me. “I like your thinking.”


 Rafflecopter of Bound By Secrets release blitz

In honor of A.M. Hudson's new release coming soon, Bound by Secrets will be doing a huge multi author raffle-copter! Go enter now!!! You will not want to miss out on this! Authors and bloggers giving a way paperback, ebooks, audio books and swag, even gift-card! There is only 2 winners for the mega prizes! So go enter now!

   AM Hudson


A.M. Hudson is a music loving, book crazy, ultra passionate writer from Australia.

She's down-to-earth and as normal as a crazy person can be. A young girl at heart,

she enjoys alternative music, lives to enjoy life, torture people in her novels and then

write happy endings that are never forgotten.

Add her as a friend on Facebook at A.M. Hudson Author then join her and other fans

for some crazy conversations at www.facebook.com/pages/The-Dark-Secrets-Series

 AM Hudson Fb


















 Dark Secrets Website



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Nook Books and More Blog: Token Vampire Release: A Token Huntress Series boo...

Nook Books and More Blog: Token Vampire Release: A Token Huntress Series boo...: AWARD WINNING AUTHOR KIA CARRINGTON - RUSSELL TOKEN VAMPIRE BOOK 2 TOKEN HUNTRESS SERIES Vampire Dystopian Sexy A...

Token Vampire Release: A Token Huntress Series book 1 by Kia Carrington Russell

 Token Vampire




 Kia Carrington Russell

Vampire Dystopian Sexy Action Dark!
Join the phenomenon that everyone is reading. Fill your craving and darkest urges of that one and utterly, tantalizing vampire, Chase


You enjoyed Token Huntress, now enjoy Token Vampire...
My eyes danced over his perfectly formed stomach that was so chiseled. I was surprised he hadn’t made a joke about them cutting ice yet. A smile pulled up at his lips as he must have heard that thought. “Get over yourself.” He cupped the back of my neck, his tongue dominating mine. He pushed me against the cold icicle wall which left a burning sensation on my skin. Perhaps, my skin did feel the cold. His tongue pushed deeper against mine as I dragged my nails down his stomach wanting more. I wanted his warmth to fill me entirely as his touch spread through my entirety.


The thought of what the taste of their blood spluttering over my blade and face consumed me. My blood pumped for the assassination. I aroused my fangs, their piercing sensation through my gums like an elixir, I felt relieved in this form. Like my true self. I opened my eyes feeling near to ecstasy, my vision hazed with the purple of my Hunter eyes. “Kill them.”

The swarm of my vampires propelled past me as I let the wind from their speed sweep past me in satisfaction. This power was beautiful and this dark luscious form was my own. Not wanting to miss out on the fun I launched myself into the hill daring to kill all those that opposed me. Even if they screamed for mercy, they would be at the end of my blade.


PAPERBACK SWAG UP FOR GRABS!!! For your chance to win a paperback of Token Huntress, Book One and these swag items you must pre-order a kindle of Token Vampire. In your comments you must:
1. Show proof of your purchase.
2. Tag 5 friends (we all have book nerd friends hehe x)
3. You don't have to, but it will help me heaps, please invite 20+ guests x
Winner will be announced once facebook event has ended on December 7th x GOOD LUCK!!! Please remember that every pre-order purchase helps Token Vampire with a booming start upon it's release and increases it's chance of being in the top 100's, we can do it!!!


Here are the purchase links and the first book is on sale limited time only!

 Token Huntress sale

Token Huntress will be on ‪#‎Sale‬ for 99 PENNIES in preparation for the release of Token Vampire!
Book 1 - myBook.to/TokenHuntress $0.99
Book 2 - myBook.to/TokenVampire up for pre-order $3.99

‪#‎GreatReads‬ ‪#‎KiasDarkWarriors‬ ‪#‎KiaCarringtonRussell‬
‪#‎DarkReads‬ ‪#‎book‬ ‪#‎kindle‬ ‪#‎fantasy‬ ‪#‎vampire‬‪#‎Bestparanormalbookoftheyear‬ ‪#‎Nook‬ ‪#‎funny‬ ‪#‎humour‬ ‪#‎cheeky‬ ‪#‎sexy‬enjoy the ‪#‎journey‬

Come join the fun and prizes of Token Vampire Release Party!!1


Join Kia's Dark Warriors

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 Kia's Dark Warriors












FREE MYSTERY GIFT For your chance to win 1 of 15 free mystery gift prizes just before Christmas (Yay suprise present) All you have to do is change either or both (for double entry) your facebook profile image and banner image to help promote the awareness and release of Token Vampire, Book Two in the Token Huntress series. To enter please change images and then comment DONE and tag minimal five friends!!! Image change must stay like that until December 15th. Goodluck!!! Facebook has nothing to do with this prize, it is international.  Enter here!



Enjoy the story and first two books in the Paranormal, Romance, Action series, Phantom Wolf. I guarantee it is a buy you won’t regret. Kia Carrington-Russell is offering these two awesome paperbacks for only $15 and some signed bookmarks, posted straight to your door. For Australian buyers she can organize signed copies, if interested please comment upon purchase. For international buyers, don’t worry we still have you covered with some signed bookmarks. Any customer who purchases six or more bundles will receive any paperback of their choice from Kia Carrington-Russell’s published books for FREE so hook some friends and family up. Postage is $11.20 all payments must be made in AUD. But don’t worry we’ve sorted all that out, all you have to do is order through me (the representative) or add this awesome deal to your cart and check out, we will process the rest for you. If you are having any issues with payment or questions please don’t hesitate to ask us or contact us on our “contact page” on the website. If Kindle is more your thing, don’t worry we have that covered too. Phantom Wolf is only 99c!!!

 Possession of my Soul


Author Kia Carrington-Russell is a young author working on her first series: "The Three Immortal Blades". Kia began writing at the age of fifteen in high school- finding that all her warped and strange dreams were giving her a fantastic new world- and since then she has never looked back.

Kia Carrington-Russell

Kia was born in a small town in Australia, moving around a lot at a young age until finding a stable town where she finished her schooling. Kia found herself enjoying and expressing herself through poetry, short stories and writing, photography, painting and drawing. All these mediums help Kia express the different world that she is so fond of.

In 'Senior Art' Kia focused on feminism and female empowerment; exposing through her work issues and concerns that many people would rather just "sweep under the rug".In one art installation, Kia made a bed out of Pokémon cards- the concept being that when she slept a new world would come to life and it was the only one she saw and constantly lived in.

Kia now focuses on her photography, writing and self-help blogs on her website: 'Precious Living'.Kia is now keenly working on "The Three Immortal Blades" series knowing that this book has to be shared with the world and that is what she aims to do now.

Kia writes in her Australian home, trying to focus at times on simply what is running through her head, as her cats either terrorize her legs as scratching posts or her puppy barks in her ear for play-time. And as she continues her series, they grow with her book.

Kia is strongly supported by her friends and family and thanks them dearly for being with her along the bumpy road and nothing would please her more than having your support as well.

Author Links

Amazon Author 

Personal page

Possession of my Soul 

Google Plus

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Nook Books and More Blog: Review and spotlight of Bloodvault by Tima Maria L...

Nook Books and More Blog: Review and spotlight of Bloodvault by Tima Maria L...: Bloodvault  The Saga continues … Hidden in caverns deep beneath Chateau D’Antonville in a misty French valley, lies a priceless treasu...

Review and spotlight of Bloodvault by Tima Maria Lacoba


The Saga continues …

 Tima Maria Lacoba

Hidden in caverns deep beneath Chateau D’Antonville in a misty French valley, lies a priceless treasure – the Bloodvault. Containing thousands of Ingenii blood vials, just one sip enables a vampire to daywalk.

For nearly eighteen-hundred years, the family has kept the vault’s existence secret from the Brethren. But now, the Rebel leader, Count Timur, has learned of its whereabouts.

Faced with an imminent attack on her family’s ancestral home – Chateau D’Antonville – Alec and Laura must flee Sydney to confront this new threat. But the Rebels are not their only enemy. With Count Timur leaking the secret of the vault, even their allies are demanding answers.

Will their loyalty turn to resentment and ultimate betrayal?

With the very survival of the Principate at stake, Alec and Laura must decide whether it’s time to share the secret and open the Bloodvault … or risk losing everything, including their lives.

One click to buy now!


My Review

BloodVault is one exceptional read! Wow!!! I did not think it could get better but it so did! The adventures took you on a roller coaster ride of emotions asking yourself questions one minute, laughing, and crying the next. I was blown away.

You see the love between Alec and Laura in full bloom. It's truly breath taking to imagine such a love and it's, after all, a beautiful attribute to her mother and father in the vampire world.

In this series you see the long lifetime bonds that are the breathers but, you also see ones that have been there that betray them. Every way you turn, you are not sure who to trust out side there little circle. So be prepared!

Can we say CLIFFHANGER Tima! Omg! This blew me away! I cried at the end. That's all I can say but, be prepared to have emotions not touched in the other books. You will be in touch with every emotion in this one most definitely!

Again just like her other books Tima manages write it with such descriptive detail that draws you in but, not lose the excitement. This allows you to visualize scenes with impeccable depths. I was extremely amazed by this because often the author tends to get to wordy on the description and lose the reader in to much detail.

Tima has learned a great balance of detail but given you the adventure and excitement that keeps you on edge. Well done Tima you really knocked it out of the ball park yet again!!! Where is the next book I so need my fix Tima!!! I got a hangover of a lifetime!!!

One click on her other books now!

 Laura's Locket



 Amazon Author Page






Amazon author page 

Join Tima's Awesome street team below

 Tima's Dantonville Devotees

Here are my reviews of the entire series. Enjoy!

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Savannah's Thought Garden: Author Spotlight with Victoria Saccenti

Savannah's Thought Garden: Author Spotlight with Victoria Saccenti: Author Highlight Savannah’s Thought Garden Welcome and thank you for stopping by Savannah’s Thought Garden’s Daisy Chain - Author...

Savannah's Thought Garden: Author Spotlight with Victoria Saccenti, conclusio...

Savannah's Thought Garden: Author Spotlight with Victoria Saccenti, conclusio...: Welcome and thank you for stopping by Savannah’s Thought Garden’s Daisy Chain - Author Spotlights. I’m so happy you could join me and l...

Savannah's Thought Garden: STG's Month of Gratitude Blog

Savannah's Thought Garden: STG's Month of Gratitude Blog: Give thanks - express gratitude or show appreciation to or for something. Grat·i·tude - ˈ ɡ rad əˌ t(y)o ͞ od/ - noun -  the qualit...

Savannah's Thought Garden: STG's Month of Gratitude - Harper Miller Guest Blo...

Savannah's Thought Garden: STG's Month of Gratitude - Harper Miller Guest Blo...: Wow, it's November! Can you believe it? I know I can't. This month I wanted to a special gratitude blog, but I wanted to share ...

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Nook Books and More Blog: Season of the Witch by Addison Moore

Nook Books and More Blog: Season of the Witch by Addison Moore:  Season of the Witch  Addison Moore BUY LINKS: Amazon:  http://getBook.at/SotW-Amazon Barnes & Noble:  htt...

Season of the Witch by Addison Moore

 Season of the Witch

 Addison Moore

Season of the Witch

(A Celestra Companion)

Ezrina’s story
1692 Salem, Massachusetts

Heathcliff O’Hare has always had a heart for Ezrina MacHatter.

When hundreds of young girls from the Celestra faction are snatched up by the magistrate as witches, Ezrina realizes that the Nephilim are in grave danger. Someone, or some other faction, is bent on destroying her people.

As obnoxious as Ezrina finds Heathcliff, his help is needed to infiltrate the wicked Counts to uncover their sinister plans.

As Ezrina and Heathcliff grow closer, the woman who has laid claim to Heathcliff becomes more dangerous. Giving her heart to Heathcliff puts Ezrina’s family in peril in ways that she could never imagine.

But Ezrina is determined to put her people, her faction, and her heart first.

This is the season of her retribution.
This is the season of the witch.

Addison Moore is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author who writes contemporary and paranormal romance. Her work has been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine. Previously she worked as a therapist on a locked psychiatric unit for nearly a decade. She resides on the West Coast with her husband, four wonderful children, and two dogs where she eats too much chocolate and stays up way too late. When she's not writing, she's reading.

~ Feel free to visit her website at:

~ Be sure to subscribe to Addison’s mailing list for sneak peeks
and updates on all upcoming releases!


The Celestra Series at a Glance
YA Paranormal Romance
(Merges into a NA Paranormal Romance with
The Celestra Forever After Series)

16 year-old Skyla Messenger embarks on a journey that spans time and dimensions in her pursuit to navigate old angelic rivalries.

After the death of her father, her family moves to eerie Paragon Island where no one and nothing is as it seems.

Upon discovering she belongs to the most powerful angelic beings, the Celestra faction, Skyla is enthralled with her new powers and her new standing in the order of the universe. Skyla and the two handsome boys that side with her, Logan and Gage, find themselves embroiled in a faction war that tries their character and has them questioning which side of the battle line they should be standing.

The Celestra Series is a dizzying carousel that sends you into the fog-laden woods without any hope of ever leaving. Fasten your seatbelt. This is one wicked ride.

and Fems
and Sectors,
oh my.

*Be sure to check out The Countenance Trilogy, a Celestra spinoff. Both series merge into the Celestra Forever After Series, a New Adult continuation of the popular Young Adult series!

Series Books & Buy Links

(Just click on the title of book to Purchase Now)

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Nook Books and More Blog: Gena D. LutzSonnet ValeSynopsisParanormal hunte...

Nook Books and More Blog: Gena D. Lutz
Sonnet Vale
Paranormal hunte...
: Gena D. Lutz Sonnet Vale Synopsis Paranormal hunter, Sonnet Vale, has the unique ability to hunt and kill vampires. But a chance e...

Gena D. Lutz
Sonnet Vale


Paranormal hunter, Sonnet Vale, has the unique ability to hunt and kill vampires. But a chance encounter with a handsome stranger is about to change everything, teaching Sonnet what it's like to be hunted and possessed.


Sonnet Vale is a story of a vampire hunter that meets a hot vampire and is thrown into a deeper world she didn't know existed. This book was awesome! The story was eye catching from the beginning. It flowed smoothly and kept your attention from the start. I especially loved how it started up with not wasting time with the mediocre. It was packed full of action and suspense from the start with twist, lies, and adventure that was a real thrill ride. Way to go Gena!

We start with Sonnet, a badass hunter that was good at her job and was able to make a difference. Everyone seemed down to her and dedicated to the core. She had that personality. She seen a different light in a vampire, Bane. He was fine and confident. The more they got to know each other, she noticed that e is a beautiful person that is dedicated to her and wants a relationship, a true one.

Bane, a vampire with a conscience he was drawn to Sonnet from the start because she was like no women he has ever met. It intrigued him enough to want to seek her from the start. He definitely is taken by her.
Together they embark on a mountain of adventures with a purpose. One missionary they weren't giving up until they accomplished it. During this time he helps her deal with or cope with her past. These adventures kept you on the edge of your seat wanting more!

Sonnet and Bane are strong and independent characters. Gena creates a world you can see most vividly. Sonnet Vale a book that will give you many emotions and opening the door for many more stories about these badass characters. These characters have managed to Seep into my heart and embed itself. It's definitely a nail biter! The action continues until the very last page and gives you an eye into there world. I can't wait til the next!

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