Friday, December 5, 2014

Review of Phantom Wolf by Kia Carrington-Russell

                          Phantom Wolf 


Sia is a Phantom Wolf. Neither dead nor alive—and rotting from the inside—she is on the edge of her curse. Once a Phantom Wolf has been created, they hunt their blood pack and slaughter all their loved ones. Except for Sia, who woke years after her death to find herself rampaging through the land on a lonely path. She continues to run from the rival pack that hunts her because she is a Phantom Wolf. Attracted to a scent, Sia finds her old best friend, who is now a grown woman. Having once saved Keeley, Sia takes the role of protector yet again, despite Keeley’s involvement with the mysterious Alpha, Kiba, and his kin brother, Saith. An ambush separates the pack and the four of them blindly fight the new warriors that attack them: desperately needing to find out where the attacks are coming from, as Sia has vowed to protect Keeley. But at what cost? Now being chased, Sia finds herself conflicted by the mortal and spirit world while trying to protect her kin. Sia must confront her fears, as well as the human lover who killed her many years before. It is not only survival Sia contends with, but her own façade that must be broken so that she may find peace within herself once more.


Personally I loved this story,one adventure after another. There us a sad but somewhat bitter sweet story and I can't wait to see the journey the next book takes me on. I'm really excited about it! Its an unusual read and that makes it even more intriguing. Sia lives in a world that's most definitely different and rare. This is a different story about humans mainly in form but with wolf ears and tail. She is betrayed in the worst possible way that's hard to swallow especially the death of her whole pack. Keeley didn't belong to Sia's pack which is how she escaped death but Sia called her kin though. Later in the years Sia finds out shes really a Phantom Wolf, most mistreated. She becomes the hunted but really this actually a blessing because she is soon reunited with Keeley. She then starts tearing away the layers she so viciously put up around her heart. Be prepared to be on an emotional character roller coaster because this story has it. The characters feel real because they are so down to earth. Will she get her love interest Kiba? Kiba is the perfect wolf man. Its a bitter sweet story giving you an awesome ride. I can't wait to find out more! Kiba is one that's used to being listened too but, Sia makes it a challenge indeed!

Kia has a wonderful imagination that makes a graphic plot through out the entire book. She is definitely talented. I would also recommend this to young teens because its clean but very imaginative with lots of twist and turns to peek anyone's interested all ages included!  She's deffinately singing to my tune!

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