Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Kia Carrington-Russell Possession of My Soul book 1 In Possession of my Soul Series

                          Kia Carrington-Russell
                           Possession of my Soul


This is a review from SN BookReviews. You want a great hot read then you found it!!! This book is exciting and full of adventures, betrayal, love, dedication, sacrifice and much more. It gives you all different emotions that sends your mind on a roller coaster!

Kia Carrington-Russell paranormal author is talented. I fell in love with this book! Karla is strong willed and sweet person all rolled in one. At first I wasn't sure about her character but as she grows in maturity and coming into her self especially as a shielded, you find her easy to like. Kia book grabs your attention from the start and her words flow effortlessly with an impact of emotion that leaves breathless. Karla is a normal girl or so she thinks. Then one day she is on her first date with Paul which she is learning its ok to let someone shower you with affection. One minute shes a normal teenager then the next as soon as she bumps into a stranger her life turns into a whole different world. Her body goes crazy! When she wakes up she finds her self in a strange place with these creatures after her. With the help of new friends she learns about herself and goes on an adventure of a lifetime. Can she handle all this that life has thrown her? I am so excited to read the next book in this series. I'm ready to dig in an read what adventures happen next! The author us exceptionally talented at c cliffhangers as well. Boy I did not see that coming. Kia you got it going on Kia!! Lol.

So if you are looking for an epic adventure with a paranormal twist then you've found it. I found myself feeling all different emotions and that is true talent. So hold on to your seats and dig in!!

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