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Interview of Max Cummings

                                      Max Cummings



I'm a simple man with a complex mind and a penchant for new, unusual and exciting experiences. I have a well-earned sense of humor and it shows in my writing, so if you're not in need of a few laughs mixed with your hot reads... I make no apologies for my style of writing, and I follow no one's lead. If you're looking for cookie cutter rainbows and unicorns romance novels, you came to the wrong place. My characters are real like you and me, flawed, genuine, and wanting for true love like the rest of us. Sometimes they have to take a journey to get there and discover it, but don't we all? Follow interesting people on their journeys, adventures and misadventures as they seek their ultimate mate in a variety of vignettes and novellas guaranteed to pull you into the stories and make you feel what they feel. Many of my tales are based on actual events and very real people and places, so come along for the ride, and buckle your seatbelts might get a little bumpy on this rollercoaster!



1. When did you first start writing?

I kept a travel journal on my trip to visit my dad for the summer in Germany when I was 9.

2. What inspired you to write?

Friends inspired me to write and publish

3. Who are some of your biggest influences?

Robert Louis Stevenson, Jules Verne and Ernest Hemmingway and Robert Frost.


4. Is there a special place you go and a certain mind frame you like to be in before you write?

I mostly write in bed...can't beat memory foam for comfort! I keep a notepad on me most of the time when I'm not writing...ideas come to me all the time. If I don't write them down, poof, they're gone. No particular mind frame needed to write...never suffered from writer's block.

5. What's the most exciting thing that happened to you during your writing career?

Most exciting? Publishing the first book, and good reviews from established authors.


6. How do you come up with all the characters and different exciting plots?

From my own life experiences, friends' experiences or random creative concepts.

7. What authors have inspired you through your writing and how did they inspire you?

I'm inspired by the human condition in all its forms, not other writers.

8. Do you have advice for any writer who's struggling right now?

Who am I to give advice? I'm just the new guy on the block.

9. What's the silliest thing that you have ever experienced in your writing career?

Silliest thing? Prima donna authors and the over-competitive mentality. The destroy if you can't create mentality. The crabs in a bucket mentality. The pathetic little spy games and fake accounts are ridiculous. Grown people acting a fool over stupid miniscule things on facebook. People who leave a 2-star rating with no review. Try combat on for size...everything else is so incredibly petty compared to surviving a REAL war and losing friends.

10. Could you share something extra that you would like your viewers to know about you are your writing?

I don't write rainbows, unicorns and happily ever after. I write about 'flawed' characters (realistic people in real life circumstances), unusual but plausible situations, stories made more interesting with twists and turns life throws at them and a dose of humor for good measure. I'm unconventional, I write in my own style, and I deliver intelligent reads for outside the box minds to enjoy and be moved by.

Extra things your fans would like to know

Your favorite song?

IMAGINE by John Lennon

Your favorite food?

Prime rib or a thick ribeye

Your favorite movie?

The Saints

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