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Interview with Maggie Shayne

Interview with Maggie Shayne

1.  When did you first start writing?

The day I learned to spell my first word. Seriously, I was Scotch taping construction paper stories together, complete with Crayola illustrations.

2.  What inspired you to write?

I think you’re either born a storyteller or you’re not. You can learn the craft of it, but the heart of the storyteller is is something that’s in your DNA.

3.  Who are some of your biggest influences?
John Boy Walton and Stephen King.

4.  Is there a special place you go and a certain mind frame you like to be in before you write?

Not at all. When you write for a living, you don’t get to wait for any particular frame of mind. You get up and go to work, like everyone else. My work is my desk.

5.  What's the most exciting thing that happened to you during your writing career?

Every time I release a new book, that’s the most exciting thing. I’m so excited about TWILIGHT GUARDIANS, my first completely independently published novel, that I can barely sleep at night.

6.  How do you come up with all the characters and different exciting plots?

This is something I wish I knew. They don’t come from me, they come through me. Like they’re channeled or something. They’re just...there.

7.  What authors have inspired you through your writing and how did they inspire you?

Lori Herter was my first inspiration. She had the very first vampire romance series, the first book releasing about a year before I sold my first vamp romance. I had the second vampire romance series. Wings in the Night. Hers were Obsession, Possession, Confession, and Eternity.

8.  Do you have advice for any writer who's struggling right now?

Do not rush out there and self-publish the first thing you write. Gosh, we were so much luckier back in the day when publishers would reject our work until and unless it was good enough for publication. Now, when they get rejected, instead of trying to improve and get good enough for publication, authors face the temptation of self publishing their work as is. Self pubbing is easier now than ever before. It’s sad, when you see things out there that are just embarrassing to those who wrote them. Learn the craft, hire a professional editor, work your tail off, then publish. There are no shortcuts.

9.  What's the silliest thing that you have ever experienced in your writing career?

A fan coming up to me at a book signing and wafting glitter all over me. It was fairy dust, she said. I had done a fairy story, so....  I sparkled all day! (And loved it.)

10.  Could you share something extra that you would like your viewers to know about you are your writing?

The Texas Brand series is back. We’re repackaging and re-releasing every book in the series. Book 1, The Littlest Cowboy is FREE, and books 2-9 are 2.99 - 3.99 each. Less than when they were originally released!

And, TWILIGHT GUARDIANS is on sale September 1st. It’s the very first book of the NEW Wings in the Night: Reborn series. Whether you read the original Wings in the Night series or not, you may begin here.

Extra things your fans would like to know

Your favorite song?

Valentine by Kina Grannis. We got married on Valentine’s Day so it’s special to us.

Your favorite food?

Your favorite book?
Always whatever I’m writing at the moment.

Your favorite movie?

The Princess Bride. Or Airplane. Or maybe Robin Hood, Men in Tights.
Or perhaps Young Frankenstein, or Dracula, Dead and Loving it.

Biography on Maggie Shayne

According to Amazon site, Maggie has published over 53 Novels.  She has published westerns, category romances, romantic suspens, paranormal romances, urban fantasy, women's fiction and more. Go to maggieshayne.com/ms-classics of her bargain priced novels. She's recently re-releasing her printed novels into ebook format.

Id like to thank both Maggie and Chelle of all the assistane that they provide so this interview coulg smoothly.  They where very friendly and down to earth and a joy to work with. Maggie is an intruigin lady in which I found myself fasinated with her work. She is definately an astounding writer. I hope you enjoy this interview and share your comments with me on the new things you've learned today.

Follow Maggie at these sites:


Her new book and others can be found on

Id like to thank both Maggie and Chelle of all the assistance to complete this interview. They are very down to earth, friendly, and grat to work with. Maggie is an intriguing lady in which I found myself fasinated with her back ground. She is an astounding writer. I hope you enjoyed our time with Maggie as much as I did.  I'm excited to see what your comments are on how much we've learned today.

To follow Maggie on her books as well as her upcoming books go to the following sites. She has one about to be released September 1, 2014.

Follow her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MaggieShayneAuthor

Check out her books on Goodreads


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