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Review Request and Share for Emmy Gatrell

Cords of Fate 1.5 

Review request and/or share

Hello Bloggers!  I know your time is precious, as a blogger ourselves we will not take up much of your time. We do want you to know how much we appreciate everything you do for the Indie world! You rock! We would like to thank you for this by offering a giveaway.  Please open up the forms so you can see each genre to choose from.

I am Emmy's PA, Julia Summers PA. Emmy and I are celebrating the upcoming release of Cords of Fate book 1.5. We are offering a $10 gc from Amazon to bloggers that participate in sharing and who would like to review. We need reviewers on any of her books as well. Not only do you get a chance to review, but you will automatically get giveaway donations for your blog.  For large blogs over 3000 you get 5 donations and for smaller blogs you get 2 unless you have a special anniversary then contact me for details.  Ebooks of choice made at your own discretion  Here is the incentive offered to bloggers as followed for the giveaway:

*Entered into a $10 gc

*ebooks to any bloggers for your blog (your choice) read details above

If you need a special giveaway just contact my PA and we can make arrangements.

*Free for Review of any of the genre (10 extra points per book review for gc entry) If you want to review the series instead of just Cords of Fate please contact my PA Julia Summers for details.

* Must share at least her sales and freebies ( extra 5 points for sharing each book series)

*Closes by the end of September

Good Luck!

Please send me links to the shares so I can record it towards your winning! Below I'm providing you each genre for your taste to select from for review and taste

Cords of Fate

Cords of Fate

Book 1.5

Emmy Gatrell's Lupinski Clan series Book 1 is now#LIVE!

Grab your copy for #Free in KU, or $0.99! Book 1.5 is now available #LIVE on KU! Cords of Fate

Lupinski Clan 1.5 The Cords of Fate pull them together…
Shifter law tears them apart.

Melanie Cryder and her daughter Samantha have lived full but lonely lives since their mates, Graham and Abe Lupinski, left them because an ancient shifter law forbade them from being together. They’ve tried to keep Samantha’s daughter, Andy, away from them to prevent her from suffering the same fate.

However, Andy is driving aimlessly to heal her heartbreak and clear her thoughts. She will eventually make it home to them, she always does. This time, however, the Lupinski’s are on the road between them, and they have a nasty habit of getting lost and ending up in Walt’s Bar parking lot.

They know they have to rescue her, but will they make it in time?

Written as a stand-alone-choose-your-own-story novel. You get to decide whose story you read first and whether or not you want to skip to the good stuff!

Emmy Gatrell's Lupinski Clan series 

Book 1 is now #LIVE! 
Grab your copy for #Free in KU, or $0.99! 

Book 2 is now available for #LIVE

Book 1 - Fate is a Mated Bitch

Book 2 - Forgiving Fate


Andy is a romance author who has no desire to find her true love, doing so only brings heartbreak and sorrow. Her grandmother and mother are proof of this. They found their soulmates but are not allowed to be with them. There were rules, and rules are meant to be followed.

Walt, Alpha of the Lupinski Clan, an international multi-shifter community, is everything you’d expect an alpha to be. Tall, sexy, smug, confident, and covered in mouthwatering tattoos. He’s determined to change the way things have always been and bring his clan into the future. He can’t afford any distractions.

Andy’s perfectly comfortable in her relationship of convenience, until the day she comes home early. Driving away with no destination in mind to think, she finds a group of hot, sexy men in a bar, in the middle of nowhere. It felt like she belonged. Like, family. Up until the owner, Walt, walks in.

What unfolds will change everything for the better or destroy two families for good.

You want to check out Nathanial Lupinski's Bitches page on Facebook? Let's join the HOT ALPHA Clan!

Other sites

Facebook Personal page

From her new series Fate is a Mated Bitch. A erotic steam PNR  

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Emmy's Bad Ass Entourage (BAE)

Daearen Realms Series book page below

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Nook Books and More Blog: Review of Low Down & Dirty by Addison Moore

Nook Books and More Blog: Review of Low Down & Dirty by Addison Moore: Addison Moore A 3:AM Kisses Stand Alone Low Down & Dirty Synopsis ***A best friend’s brother romance*** ROMANTIC COMEDY*...

Review of Low Down & Dirty by Addison Moore

Addison Moore

A 3:AM Kisses Stand Alone
Low Down & Dirty


***A best friend’s brother romance*** ROMANTIC COMEDY****

Meet Levi Masterson…
I’ve never had a problem with the ladies. I’ve got all the right equipment and I know how to use it.

But my life just landed in a blender and my head is still spinning. So when Harlow Hartley comes jackknifing into my world like a tornado, I try to steer clear. She’s my sister’s best friend. She’s having a tough time right now, and I was asked to let her move in with me until she can get on her feet. With Low at the house, dripping with attitude, dancing around in those tight jeans, that T-shirt that stretches in all the right places, I’m ready to lose what’s left of my mind. Sure she’s beautiful and smart, but she’s mouthy and feisty as can be. As tempted as I am to try to land my mouth over hers, my sister made it clear that Low is off limits. As much as I’d like to think that’s a good thing, I can’t seem to shake the need to have her. Maybe it’s time to scratch that itch—something quick and dirty that takes the edge off for the both of us and we can call it a day. But nothing in life is ever that simple—sometimes your heart gets in the way.

***A 3:AM Kisses Series *SEXY* spinoff! Welcome to Hollow Brook!***
*all 3:AM Kisses books can be read as STANDALONE novels*

From the NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author, Addison Moore— Cosmopolitan Magazine calls Addison's books, "...easy, frothy fun!"*3:AM KISSES is a USA TODAY bestseller!*

From the NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author, Addison Moore—

Cosmopolitan Magazine calls Addison's books, "...easy, frothy fun!"

****A preview of WILD KISSES (3:AM KISSES) and NAUGHTY BY NATURE included at the end of this novel! ! HAPPY READING! XOXO ENJOY!****


Deliciously inviting, intriguing yet tantalizing and inviting Nook Books and More Blog Revenge can never be so sweet! What starts out as revenge ends up a total different ball game. The chemistry between the two is exciting to say the least. They definitely knock off more then they can chew. Lol. There deviousness between characters that they plot against that gives you that touch if sinfulness you so desire in a read. The banter and chemistry flies off the pages and into your heart to your very core. This book is funny and sweet romance that leaves you with a smile in your heart. Most of Addison Moore's books have a sense of humor that keeps you laughing long after you read. I fell in love with Levi and Low. Their story melted my heart. Harlow was feisty and Levi was the opposite but, together the chemistry between the two sparks and ignites your world with spunk and color vibrant in your head.

The main characters of this book are hilariously funny, witty, and charming. The cluster of friends have a unique bond and explain the average lives and experience people endure. The story brings a true life experience out of it along with a love that's desirable in any eye.

I would highly recommend this series and really any book that this author has ever written . She pulls her heart in soul into her writing. She's impeccable in her writing skills let me tell ya! This series each book can be read as a standalone. It's refreshing when you're pushed for time

The words flowed nicely and kept you intrigued throughout the story. The historical facts
throughout seemed believable.

I freaking loved this book! Five stars baby!!

Order now!

✦✧✦Low Down & Dirty is LIVE✦✧✦
Addison Moore​ does it again with this hilarious yet super sexy read! And you can get your copy for just 99¢ for a limited time only!

✦ Amazon➙
✧ Goodreads➙

(Available on Kindle Unlimited)

A SEXY spinoff of the USA Today bestselling 3:AM Kisses series

*all 3:AM Kisses books can be read as STANDALONE novels*

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Nook Books and More Blog: Review of Redemptive Blood book 7 of The Blood Ser...

Nook Books and More Blog: Review of Redemptive Blood book 7 of The Blood Ser...: Redemptive Blood The Blood Series Book 7 Tamara Rose Blodgett Synopsis Her blood sings to them; a melody no supernatural can ...

Review of Redemptive Blood book 7 of The Blood Series by Tamara Rose Blodgett

Redemptive Blood
The Blood Series
Book 7
Tamara Rose Blodgett


Her blood sings to them; a melody no supernatural can ignore.

From the New York Times bestselling author of, A Terrible Love, comes the exciting continuation of Blood Enchantment.

Early praise for REDEMPTIVE:
"...Blodgett has a style all her own, and her ability to create a distinctive voice for each of her character's is fantastic. The Blood series is full of action, steamy romance, a little more action, and strong female leads. Redemptive Blood is no exception..." Stefanie B., Line Editor, Red Adept Editing

Adi and Slash have managed to find safety under the protection of a witch. Then Adi discovers a hidden truth layered beneath another that threatens not only themselves, but the life of someone precious to them.

Jenni, no longer completely human, has been given a second chance. When she accidentally stumbles into a Were feud, taking matters into her own hands, she flees, with the help of a former drug addict and her four-year old daughter.

Lazarus will be punished with Blood Sacrifice for his misdeeds against Lycan. Tessa doesn't know if he'll live through it to be the mate she so desperately needs. Drek has given a blood oath that Laz will not be put to death, while his chosen flees for parts unknown, unprotected, not realizing he seeks her for his mate.

Can Adi and Slash escape with more than their lives? Will Jenni find others like herself before the full moon rises—or will she change into a monster and harm the very ones she means to protect?

Finally, can Laz live through the barbaric torture and begin a new life between with his Redemptive?

Full length novel; New adult fiction, 17+, sexuality, profanity, violence


Beautifully written exceptionally graphic, heart grasping, dark and intoxicating...It's prodigious, fun, yet forbidden and sinfully exceptional! A must read! - Nook Books and More Blog

The book gives you countless POV so you can follow each one with ease and really enjoyed it because I was able to see everything from each persons perspectives.

This world continues on its emotional roller coaster and bleeds into your heart. Be prepared to experience all emotions. You will not want to put this book down.

This series puts an amazing twist on such a diversity in the paranormal world. It explains the battles that all diversity struggle with even in their world. I found that interesting.This seventh book in the series brought characters together that needed each other in so many more ways than even we knew. There were promises made and broken, love fulfilled and betrayed. We see yet another heroine in this book continue her journey.

But wait the story doesn't stop there! It seems, no matter which direction the these characters seem to turn, someone or something is trying to come between them. Though sometimes they put it on themselves, the journey is epic as it continues to play out! The twist and turns are phenomenal. I couldn't put it down!

Questions are answered, and there are sweet tender moments that have you smiling and thinking, "It's about time!" It's still dark and fantastic journey of the characters we haven't been introduced to yet. People we thought were trusted have turned leaving devastation in their wake. It gives you a sense of WTH? For instance, Adi and Slash find refuge with the unexpected. Jenna is giving a second chance of a lifetime. What will she do with it? I love this new Jenna. She rocks!!! lol It's so freaking epic! I can't wait to continue this journey into Tamara's wonderful mind!

The twist and turns never seize to amaze me and I'm floored by the next. I'm going to love this journey and in my opinion, I would suggest anything this lady writes! She's so amazingly talented.

Omg! It's finally here!!! Eeek!!!
#LIVE Redemptive Blood. Blood Series Bk 7 by Tamara Rose Blodgett
Order now! One awesome series!!






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Nook Books and More Blog: My review of Tangled Web by Gena D. Lutz

Nook Books and More Blog: My review of Tangled Web by Gena D. Lutz: One-Click above Tangled Web (Venin Assassin Book 2) Gena D Lutz Synopsis Night Queen... Black Widow… Hellhound. These...

My review of Tangled Web by Gena D. Lutz

One-Click above

Tangled Web
(Venin Assassin Book 2)
Gena D Lutz


Night Queen... Black Widow… Hellhound. These are the titles I never wanted, yet, now they're mine.

With just a stab of a dagger, I have become the next reigning queen of a pack of ancient hellhounds: the Fang and Claw. And with each infuriating encounter, my yearning to accept their bond grows.

2nd installment in a brand new Urban Fantasy series.


Once again in Gena D Lutz books. I'm pulled in by her lure of action and twist.

A Phenomenal read that pulls at your very core. I could not wait to start this book because Tangled Web was an unusual different twist to the paranormal world. The author gives such a freshness to it that you dint get bored with the sane read after time as avid readers do. This second book would not disappoint!

Tangled Web lures you in, intrigues you, turns your world upside down. Just when you think you have it figured out it changes on you. I was so happy to see a deeper glimpse within a different beings in the paranormal world. It's a definite twist when you get Spiders, Scorpions lets not forget hot Were's and more! It's forbidding, dangerous, yet desirable and luscious. I especially love the hell hounds. These characters are all so different and Enticing. It gets darker and wilder so prepare for a ride!

Cassie shows you a glimpse into her bad ass self but draws you into her web of people as she does in the last book. She embarks on an adventure that that will be sure not to disappoint! Now the Night Queen (after killing Sterling in the first book, Sweet Venom) and has enhanced powers. You get a revaluation on things she can do and has. It's epic! A must read!!! You get introduced into yet more species of the paranormal world which intrigues you to your core even more! Sexy hotness this book bleeds into your heart!

The writer flows with her words effortlessly off the pages and is so in depth with characters that you are pulled in and on edge the entire time!

The author leaves you with with a mark on your heart making you scramble to grab the next book. It's words flow effortlessly off the page as does any if Gena's books. They'll keep you up for hours soaking in every word like a sponge. Be prepared for a huge book hangover. Way to go Gena! That was one hell of a ride when am I gonna read the next!

Cover Reveal & Pre-order!!!

Black Widow, Venin Assassin, book 3!
Check out the series

Grab the series on Amazon below!

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Twitter: @GenaDLutz